Light touch on the tiller. 

Delivery or mentored miles (coaching) .. we have the crew for you.



Vacation afloat but not enough time to get the boat to the cruising grounds? Just bought your new floating treasure and need to get it closer to home?


Whether you're re-positioning for a holiday or a fresh season, or you're taking delivery of your new treasure, we’ll get the vessel safely and soundly where you need her with exquisite care.


And we’ll do it for a clear and fair price so you'll always know what you're getting into. We can deliver vessels of any size to any destination in the world, and we specialize in high latitude work.


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New boats and new destinations can be intimidating. Fresh challenges encourage fresh awareness, knowledge, and skills. And in a world of accelerating technological change, some new gear and gadgets demand new lessons and learning.


With you aboard for the voyage, we'll assign a skipper as your coach and steady hand. Mentored miles we call them, and they're a great way to build your confidence with new territory, new equipment, and new skills.


Click here to let us know what you have in mind, and we'll get back to you promptly with ideas about how we can help.