Every voyage is a complicated adventure. When someone else's treasured vessel is entrusted to us, we give it our "4 Ps" of stepwise care: Plan, Prep, Passage, Promise. As the adage goes .. we're bold but - more tellingly - we're all old.


Passage planning, key to everything.


Its critical to  you and It's critical to us. Only a well-planned passage is a safe passage. Weather, boltholes, tides, shipping, hazards .. these are among the considerations that we investgate and plan for in each and every undertaking. What to expect: he final voyage plan will be provided to you two weeks in advance of a typical delivery. You can make suggestions, of course, but the our skipper will have final authority for the plan.

Peace of mind in critical systems and sails.


Ensuring your treasured vessel is fit for the trip isn't just important to the safety of the passage. It's one of the ways we act on the trust you've given us. The passage plan (see above) will allow three days for the inspection and readying of the boat and for the repair of anything essential for a safe passage.


This inspection will include all of her critical systems using checklists for mechanics, electronics, systems, rigging, structure, and fittings. We will report findings to you and - if necessary - work with you to agree on a course of action. Our crew will - at no additional expense to you - undertake whatever they can safely do. 

Sails up.jpg
Getting her there, and keeping you aware.


There is no passage without risk, and our skippers are prepared to take informed risks to get your boat where and when she needs to be. But our overall philosophy will one of conservative choices, for the safety of the crew and for the integrity of boat. Throughout the process of planning, preparation, and passage the skipper will have the first and final authority for every decision.


Using satellite locating systems, you'll receive protected access to a website where you can monitor the progess of your boat in real time. Updated every ten minutes, you'll know exactly what's going on throughout every mile of the trip. 

You'll find her the way we found her (or a little better).


In the immediate post-passage cleanup, we commit to return your boat to the state in which we found her. A little better, in fact,  if we were able to effect repairs before or during the passage. There may be breakdowns along the way, of course. If we can get these sorted while we're aboard, we will. In any case, they'll be reported to you in the final Delivery Report which will include a complete copy of the log for the passage, and a report of the before and after condition of the vessel. She'll be cleaned from stem to stern, and ready for your arrival.